E-mail Spoofing Protection

All the major e-mail providers have been using DMARC and for good reason.

DMARC is an official standard that domain owners use to specify exactly which e-mails are actually from them. Most junk e-mail is forged and trying to send you spam to buy something, trick you into a phishing scheme or including some malware/virus so they can use & abuse your systems. Now spam & virus scanning are typically covered but let us help you protect yourself, your brand and others by both listing what e-mails are okay from your domain (for outgoing) & filtering the e-mails you receive by what other domains are saying about theirs (for incoming). We'll handle the feedback we get from other e-mail providers as a result of setting this up to make sure your e-mails don't get flagged for misrepresented abuse or past mistakes/future changes in DMARC configuration.